The Sketchbook Project

So the other day I am doodling in my journal when I had a flash of inspirational art. I had this photo of me sitting in a boat that I really liked . I placed it in my journal and then began sketching in the remaining picture. I really like the concept and the results. This led to the inspiration for my sketchbook that will go on a travel journey next year !
Art House Co-op
This is my first attempt at creating a book of my work . But so far it is very exciting. So stayed tuned for updates on how it is going. Here are the pages so far ……20130603-105003.jpg20130603-105641.jpg20130603-105703.jpg20130603-105714.jpg














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A day at Kings River


So I had this wild hair while journaling to use this photograph and then watercolor the rest of the picture around it. I like the results & will try this again very soon. A good exercise in letting your eye finish the picture. I have been looking for a creative way to do my sketchbook and I think I just found it !!!!! I am excited to watch it unfold now .

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Dream a dream , do the work , watch it come to life!


What an awesome weekend at Swift Water Rescue!!!
I have continued to move forward in my dreams of sharing my love of nature and outdoor sports with women young and young at heart. This weekend was intense, scary at times & very rewarding ! Today I am going to process what I have learned and press it into my memory for safe keeping.
It is very useful knowledge , but one hopes that they are never in the situation where they have to put the knowledge to the test. Being safe on the water is an individuals responsibility . You would not drive without your seatbelt would you? Having equipment to self rescue or rescue others should be a part of your being prepared on any adventure ! Knowing knots, roping techniques and wearing your life jacket are great places to begin.
This week I will take my knowledge to women at Eureka Earth Festival in Kayak class & I am excited to share it . is where you can find how to sign up .
So I have dreamed a dream and am walking through the doors as they open. It is exciting to live the dream, learn the knowledge and put yourself to the test. Next…..Wilderness First Aid and then Professional hiking guide class!










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Adventures of the Birthday Girl

I love sharing a grand adventure with my friends . Each year I throw a birthday adventure of some kind and fun times are always had by all involved. We have been to caves , kayaking camping and camping at the river . I will share on such adventure here for your entertainment. !

This is me …. The birthday girl , hosting a birthday celebration at the river . We are a fun group to hang out with . No alcohol or drugs for us , just lots of humor and laughter .

Sitting in camp relaxing while waiting in the peeps to arrive.

Camp is set up .

The view from camp , beautiful and peaceful .


Oh yes …. We will facebook from anywhere!

A kayak trip the next morning down the Kings River Would bring fun and excitement ! But while packing up camp to go a micro burst of wind took my tent straight into the rolling river . Yes …. I dove right in after it !


You cannot imagine how heavy a tent is when being tugged down the river !


The trip down the river I have illustrated in a creative moment !

I hope you enjoyed our little river adventure . This year I am sure we will be doing something fun! But I better get planning as it is only days away !!!


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Little ditties that I paint.

Birthdays of family and friends always inspire me to create a one of a kind card. Just my way of saying they are special . Actually any reason to make a card is a good thing ! These are some of my ditties . All art is by Christie Braswell , copyright








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More inspirational art

This painting is by Don Kennett who lived here in Eureka Springs, a watercolor of Rockhouse Road below my house. Funny thing is he painted it years before I ever lived there. Once again my mom had this painting and gave it to me as a birthday present. I can see this barn from my house which delights me. Watercolor for me is still a challenge. I look at this painting and remind myself to loosen up a bit and have fun. Don was a gifted artist and I am so pleased to have a piece of his art hanging in my living room. Maybe someday someone will blog about my art being in their home and that would be full circle for me !


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Journal from the kayak

Why not ? I find I do some of my best writing in the quiet of nature!


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Alice Kellogg Tyler

Another painting that inspires me ! My mom was at an auction and found box after box of paintings . She paid $1.00 a box bringing home a ton if paintings. Many prominent artist’s work were in those boxes including this one.
She was one of the First Ladies to teach at the Chicago Fine Art Institute. A treasure for sure. Google her and you will be amazed at her life.


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Paintings that inspire me

I thought I would post a few paintings that inspire me . This first one is a picture I bought at a thrift shop for $7.00. I wish I knew something about the artist , but I don’t . I love the textures of this painting and a mountain setting is always a favorite for me. Here is the photo .

The signature


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Excuse the interruption …..

I am newly employed as a cave guide for a cavern near me. Cosmic Cavern in Berryville,Ar. was discovered in 1845. It is very much alive and has beautiful formations and 2 lakes . I am so excited to work at this splendiferous creation of nature !






These last photos are taken by Mike Harris and the are of our Wild Cave Adventure.




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